About Me

Hey there! Thanks so much for popping in! My name is Crystal and I am a storyteller.

Most people don't think their life is special or exciting enough to be worthy documenting. This is so wrong. You guys! Your story matters. My hope is that I encourage and inspire others to capture their beautiful lives.

Little Facts About Me

  • I am an Enneagram 4 and INFJ.
  • I LOVE The Office - It is the best show ever and I have watched it all in full about 123982734 times.
  • My kids are the best kids on the whole earth. I know! You thought it was yours, but it turns out it was mine! (Yours are probably pretty great too!)
  • I love all kinds of creative and crafty things, even when I am not good at them.

Lensbaby Ambassador

I am super excited to share that I am a Lensbaby Ambassador! I have LOVED Lensbaby products for so long. They are so much fun and they speak right to my creative soul. I love that I can just shoot with them and have fun and create beautiful images that capture the magic of the special - but ordinary - moments in our life.

Special thanks to Aubree Nicole Photography for these sweet photos of me and my kiddos!